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This package contains one dataset that contains total Pell grant distributed by different colleges/universities over the years across the entire United States of America.


You can install the released version of pell from CRAN with:

# Install the released version from CRAN

You can install the development version of pell from GitHub with:


About the data

Data is collected and distributed by the US Department of Education. The raw data provided in their website are non-standardized, and need some extensive data cleaning to make them useful as a whole.

In this package, the raw data files were sourced from their website, cleaned, standardized, and joined together into one dataset:

  • pell: For each year since 1999 to 2017 how much total money was disbursed as Pell grant by each institution across the USA.


Load the dataset:

Explore first 5 rows:

#>   STATE     AWARD RECIPIENT                               NAME SESSION YEAR
#> 1    AK  197232.9       109          Alaska Pacific University 1999-00 1999
#> 2    AK  133148.0        69 Alaska Vocational Technical Center 1999-00 1999
#> 3    AK  107287.0        72            Sheldon Jackson College 1999-00 1999
#> 4    AK 3425148.8      1920   University of Alaska - Anchorage 1999-00 1999
#> 5    AK 2441864.0      1256  University of Alaska at Fairbanks 1999-00 1999
#> 6    AK  353170.0       221  University of Alaska at Southeast 1999-00 1999


Data originally published in: